┬źNot all those who wander are lost┬╗
~ Tolkien
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The Weather

~ chix0r

What are you doing this weekend?

The picture thread.

First world problems


~ 000

Adam/Lynette SW

~ b_gee

Don't buy books (written by doctors)

sometimes you can just tell..

Stupid technology question...

I got laid this weekend.

so i was watching some pro surfing today and

~ 001

People are insane.


~ chix0r

Lets pretend we have crippling autism

~ ZT

munchausen by proxy

~ ZT

I was not laid this weekend.

~ ZT

that moment when..

~ b_gee

Job Thread Again

~ chix0r

More Words You Hate

~ chix0r


~ chix0r

Am I the only one..

Suggestion Box

~ ZT

This is where we talk about things we're doing to make ourselves better.

OK, now music!