┬źNot all those who wander are lost┬╗
~ Tolkien
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First world problems

The picture thread.


NSFW Appreciation Thread

~ chix0r


~ chix0r


~ b_gee

catloaf had a date

movies ?


~ chix0r

OK, now music!

Job Thread Again

~ chix0r

oh my god, I'm glad you guys are still around after the companion is gone!

Seattle People

~ b_gee

Random Order [Pie Bar]

~ b_gee

Loveline is over

More pookie, moar jez

~ b_gee

Artsy stuff

What podcasts do you listen to?


True Confessions of TLC the Third

TV is back!

The OFFICIAL live thread for the last Loveline ever!

Sorry Chyna--Prince died same day as you so you're forgotten

~ b_gee

The Week(end)

~ chix0r

This site is now the Lovephones Companion