┬źNot all those who wander are lost┬╗
~ Tolkien
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adam has a new show

~ 001

The picture thread.

Happy birthday, chix0r !

The Pig Vomit companion

OK, now music!

First world problems


~ 000

catloaf had a date

The Weather

~ chix0r

movies ?

The Week(end)

~ chix0r


~ chix0r

Job Thread Again

~ chix0r

Need help with simple video editing.


~ chix0r

Seattle People

~ b_gee

Warmer Climes

Apropos of Nothing

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questions about chatroam

~ TA

Happy Holidays


~ chix0r

More pookie, moar jez

~ b_gee

What podcasts do you listen to?

intrusive thoughts

The Home Sick From Work Thread