┬źNot all those who wander are lost┬╗
~ Tolkien
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Job Thread Again

~ chix0r


Random Order [Pie Bar]

~ b_gee

First world problems

Oregon School Shooting (our 2nd in a year)

~ b_gee

Don't buy books (written by doctors)


movies ?

This is where we talk about nonsense.

Wedding season

Talk to me, iPeople.

TV is back!


~ 000

OK, now music!

Fantasy Girls

The picture thread.

The Internet

~ chix0r

Ashley Madison Hack

~ b_gee

that moment when..

~ b_gee

The Weather

~ chix0r

how i fixed a broken fan

~ 001

Technology things I know now.

A tale of four bank accounts

~ Laith

What do you love?

maybe butt sex can impregnate someone

~ 001