«Not all those who wander are lost»
~ Tolkien
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~ chix0r

Don't buy books (written by doctors)

fuck insomnia

Drewski's show is cancelled.

Great News (Everyone)

~ chix0r

a terrible mistake

~ chix0r

Happy birfday, beeg!



~ chix0r

a few upgrades are in progress..

catloaf had to 'bate


oh my god, I'm glad you guys are still around after the companion is gone!

Loveline is over


The OFFICIAL live thread for the last Loveline ever!

Sorry Chyna--Prince died same day as you so you're forgotten

~ b_gee

This site is now the Lovephones Companion

Old Lovelines

~ b_gee

i have an owie

~ 001

The Wake

~ b_gee

GRINDR experiences

^ attn: Laith

interesting last 24 hours for me

~ 001

catloaf had a skate