«Not all those who wander are lost»
~ Tolkien
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How many grams of sugar do you eat a day?

~ ZT

reeming question

~ ZT

tlc.chatroam.com ?

Please teach old people how to chat

~ Jam

when you know it will send you to hell, but you're laughing anyway

~ ZT

router question

~ 001

This is where we talk about exciting things!

Work, talking, and a girl

Game of Thrones

Correlations are awesome

~ ZT

Tell me what you think about lawyers.

Gay for Darth Bane

~ ZT

what should be in the profiles ?

Best noobs ever?

woah. lots of activity here.

~ ZT

Best boobs ever?

Monday martinis



Where is ZT?

Come on!

Planetary volumes

Speaking of crowdfunding...

why is it..?

How should spacing within and between messages work ?