┬źNot all those who wander are lost┬╗
~ Tolkien
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Just testing

~ Scott

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays...


~ dayle

say anything

~ b_gee

Happy Easter

ace has a new movie out

~ 000

Here I just talk to myself

Any thoughts on something I can do or make and sell quickly to pay the rent that won't suck all of my time and energy away from robots ?

The TV Thread

It's Thursday again.

my gf's driving

~ 000

Where my girls at?

I get the impression that Dennis Miller is a bit of a slacker..

I'm going nucking futz

the chat about nothing

~ TA

Loveline Drops App

~ b_gee

how to

~ TA

Is anybody here in charge of anybody at work?

TPAM is probably a thread.

~ Laith


~ b_gee

Priorities ?

recap needed

~ b_gee

We need a TLC date.