«Not all those who wander are lost»
~ Tolkien
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landing page ?

I hate being perpetually in survival mode

Tell me about your knobs.

Happy Birthday, anobody!

Best books ever?

Narcissistic crowdfunding

You guys!

Tell me about your parents

curb stomping for people who spit gum on the sidewalk ?


louisville checking in at 62°

If you like this..


any thoughts on ways to make me more likable?

When do people become so critical?

Someone PLEASE create a flushable kitty litter box

~ Jam

OK, I'm an idiot.

Oxford comma or no Oxford comma?

You guys. Supergirl!!!

Disappeared again, had to reboot

~ Jam

Page disappeared when posted

~ Jam


~ Jam

holy shit some people are too stupid to live


I really miss sleep