«Not all those who wander are lost»
~ Tolkien
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If you like this..


any thoughts on ways to make me more likable?

When do people become so critical?

Someone PLEASE create a flushable kitty litter box

~ Jam

OK, I'm an idiot.

Oxford comma or no Oxford comma?

You guys. Supergirl!!!

Disappeared again, had to reboot

~ Jam

Page disappeared when posted

~ Jam


~ Jam

holy shit some people are too stupid to live


I really miss sleep

Is this suspicious or am I a crazy person?

holy eff medicine sucks

Call your mothers!

This is Michael Witham

~ Witham


Reasons not to go into family law.


adam on nerdist

~ b_gee

Am I the only one who hates the new «nice» theaters with reclining leather seats and people eating their nasty / disgusting smelling food ?

Tell me what you're listening to


~ dick